In The Beginning…

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This is just the beginning, we have waited a long time to share this story with people and now the time is finally here.

The first post on our shiny new web site – a forum for us to share with you our journey so far and our dreams for the future but first lets rewind a few years… end of summer 2014 fuelled with magical memories and freindshisps made at festivals all over the UK and with the prospect of retuning to the real world and dull winter months around the corner we decided to make a plan.

Many Gin and Tonics and the desire to make ourselves a new life path later we went on eBay and after a few unsuccessful bids and even a trip to a travellers site on the end of Glastonbury, we took the plunge and spent £480 on a caravan we had only seen 6 pictures of. We became the proud owners a Windsore Royal caravan sitting in field somewhere in Oxford . Then came our first challenge how do we tow it and where do we store it. A few phone calls latter and a big favour called in from a friend of friend who had a tow bar off Alex went to collect our Caravan. Several nervous hours and lost jokey wheel later the Caravan made its way to its new home in Stroud finding shelter on a friends stone mason yard, and there she stayed for the next year!!!!

With limited DIY skills and only a hammer in our tool box we took the decision we needed some professional help. Help to do what you say – convert the caravan into a mobile bar and the Gin Hive idea was borne!! Many hrs of google and some advise from lovely people along the way we found Lucy Jane and her wonderful team in Bognor Regis … professionals in all things vintage caravan. We went to visit her workshop on a windy Saturday afternoon and told her of our vison and our plan for the new beginning started to take shape. Then the news from Lucy of her waiting list, ”I cant fit you in until December 2016 guys” un-deterred by this we took the plunge paid a deposit and started our wait (and a savings fund!!) specialist restoration does not come cheap.

Fast forward to January 2017

We are now 10 weeks into our restoration and the team at Lucy Jayne are doing an amazing job of bringing a new life to our Caravan with 80’s veneer interior and avocado green bathroom all stripped away the near perfect appearance interior reviled an internal shell of rotten wood and damp in nearly every joist – un-phased by this work pushed on and the transformation began. We now have a Caravan shell with serving hatch and new window frames cut and ‘Ginny’ as she is now formally know is taking shape.

The end vision is bespoke mobile bar with a solid wood wrap around bar top, wooden bi folding windows and serving hatch from which we will server an array of drinks and spirits. Our personal passion is Gin but if Gin is not your thing then just let is know what is and we will be happy to help. Where ever you need us, Wedding, Festivals private hire we will bring the bar to you and provide everything you need.

So come with us on our Journey ‘Ginny’ will be ready to serve from May 2017 so get in touch. Follow our progress on the blog and Instagram.

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